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We work with ambitious, entrepreneurial organizations that care about people. Our One Destination Program™ will help you achieve your strategic goals by aligning your company around a single, clear future destination for your organization.

What is the One Destination Model?

Many companies get into trouble because their team is not aligned around one clear destination for the future. We call this the Multiple Destination Trap. When your people fall into this trap, your company loses time and money, and your people lose productivity and motivation, hindering your ability to meet strategic goals. We created the One Destination Program to help overcome these obstacles, based on our experience working with hundreds of clients for more than a decade.

If your team is aligned on cohesive future objectives, your company will be in a better position to achieve these goals and execute your strategic plan. This means you save time and money while increasing motivation and productivity for your people.

The One Destination Process

Interested in using this process for your company? Start with three steps:


Survey your team(s) to learn about the destination they feel your organization is heading


Determine the single destination your organization should collectively strive to achieve


Develop and implement a aligned strategic plan to reach your destination

An aligned approach to our service delivery

Whether we’re facilitating strategic planning sessions, conducting corporate strategy training, or leading a strategic planning course, everything we do is grounded in our One Destination model. Fundamentally, we believe it is important for teams to be aligned on a single goal, and we’ve learned the factors to make this successful.


1. One Destination Communication

Communication is a key component of a successful strategy, and communication across senior leaders, stakeholders, and organization-wide departments is crucial. Throughout all stages of the strategic planning process, it’s important to foster a culture of clear communication throughout your organization so you can achieve buy-in and have everyone moving toward One Destination.

2. Common Values, Behaviours & Language

Values and behaviours are the cultural norms that exist within your organization. While you can’t “create” culture, you can foster the type of environment you would like to see within your organization. Consistent values, behaviours, and language are critical in making sure everyone understands where your organization is going and how they will contribute to driving the strategy forward. If everyone is aligned, then productivity and strategy execution will be more natural.


3. Tracking and Accountability Systems

Has your organization developed a 1, 3 or 5-year strategic plan that was never fully executed? If so, you’re not alone. Many organizations face this challenge, often due to a lack of systems and structures in place to ensure effective implementation, tracking, and accountability. With effective tools to monitor high-level strategy work and team progress in the same way, you’ll be able to identify whether goals are being met and create a system that aligns with your culture to ensure accountability.

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